Devon Bartholomew

Chaplain & Pastor   dtbartho@syr.edu


Kate Bartholomew

Campus Minister     kawolcot@syr.edu

Funding for staff and programming is provided entirely by alumni and partners. Thank you for giving!

student leaders

Sydney davis


Class of 2022

Major: Health & Exercise Science

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

Favorites: strawberries, Disney's Hercules, rose gold

Most likely found on campus: Otto's Juice Box

sewina yu


Class of 2022

Major: Health & Exercise Science

Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts

Favorites: horses, baking/cooking, Monopoly Deal and Big 2

Most likely found on campus: Life Sciences Atrium, eating at Kimmel, Schine Student Center

Deleha decker

Student Intern

Class of 2023

Major: Graphic Design and Information Management & Technology

Home State: Upstate New York

Favorites: God, meeting and socializing with people, OREOS!

Most likely found on campus: Getting Bubble Tea, late night at Kimmel, Sports Night at the


jesse mcgowan

Student Intern

Class of 2022

Major: Civil Engineering

Home State: New Jersey

Favorites: Hiking, pickles, Law & Order SVU

Most likely found on campus: studying in Link Hall CIE Lounge

leadership team

Christian Outreach leadership team is made up of returning students who run the RSO, plan events, build community, and share Jesus as a lifestyle. Members of this group are committed to personal spiritual growth as well, and participate in discipleship groups, beginning with Gospel 101, in order to be equipped for leading.

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