Digital Reunion Schedule

(All times listed are for the Eastern time zone)

Friday July 17
9-10:30 p.m. “How Well Do You Remember…?” Digital campus tour & scavenger hunt

Kick things off with a virtual trip back to campus, so you can see what has changed and what has stayed the same since graduation. We’ll use Zoom for the video call and the Goosechase app* for the scavenger hunt.


All alumni and current students are invited! Access the Zoom link here.

*If you plan to participate, please download the Goosechase app on your phone or tablet (don’t worry, you don’t need to make an actual account) and join Zoom via a computer (if possible)!

Saturday July 18
5-5:20 p.m. Setting the Vision: BCM at SU's Impact through the Years

In this short series of videos, hear alumni and past staff share about the ways BCM helped them grow in their faith. We’re so excited to share these testimonies showcasing how BCM equipped and empowered these alumni to be the church wherever God led them after graduation.


Want to get a head start on watching these videos? Check out the video gallery when it goes LIVE on the website at 12 p.m. Eastern, including a few extra videos that won’t be part of the 5 p.m. session.

See the videos here.

5:20-5:30 Living the Vision: Live welcome from Devon Bartholomew

Current campus minister and Baptist chaplain Devon Bartholomew (‘10) will welcome alumni to the live sessions and update everyone on BCM current events. This Zoom session will highlight what Campus Church is up to, the genesis of Christian Outreach as a student organization, and how we’re accomplishing our vision today to empower students to be the church wherever they go.

Access the Zoom link here.

5:30-6:00 Breakout I: Class year reunions

Reconnect with BCM alumni from similar graduation years in these smaller Zoom events. Enjoy God-honoring conversation, joyful encouragement, and life updates from your friends and classmates—just like you used to have in Hendricks and around campus. Each session will be facilitated by a representative from that grouping. The class year groupings and facilitators are:


1998-2005: Shaun Hopkins ('02) (Meeting ID: 889 6173 8247 password: 4wPBhh)

2006-2010: Jeanine Staton ('08) (Meeting ID: 865 6502 6337, password: 268117)

2011-2015: Alyssa O'Brien ('12) (Meeting ID: 881 4362 2703, password: 767235)

2016-2020: Nathan Elequin ('18) (Meeting ID: 764 3522 6529, password: bcm16-20)


YES, you are allowed to jump between groups in order to catch alumni in different class years. We recommend that you start the session in your* class year grouping, catch up with that group first, then feel free to start exploring the other groups. Who knows who you might run into!


Don’t worry if you run out of time or don’t get to see everyone you wanted to see. You can make plans to all go to the same small group prayer session, message them when we are all in the large group “Keeping the Momentum” session, or come back for the Sunday sessions with Campus Church and the Alumni Social. There are many opportunities to connect cross-class.

*If your graduation year is not listed, please join any group of your choice!

6:00-6:30 Breakout II: Small group prayer

Join us as we unite in prayer, talking to the One who brought us together in the first place. In these small Zoom sessions, we’ll take time to praise God together and intercede on behalf of others. Each prayer session is named after a popular location near or on campus:

Bubble Tea on Marshall St. (hosted by Collin and Nan ('13))

(Meeting ID: 968 2862 1982, password: 7Wmay6)

The chapel steps (hosted by Tendai ('05) and Rachel ('05))

(Meeting ID: 769 6409 0712, password: 7RtpVD)

949 Ackerman (hosted by Jon ('07))

(Meeting ID: 796 8334 0060, password: 29KrAc)

BCM office (hosted by Sarah Jane ('13))

(Meeting ID: 857 2634 5921, password: 270833)


You’ll be able to choose which session to attend. We ask that for small group prayer, you stay in the same group for the whole session. That will maximize everyone’s ability to focus on the act of prayer, rather than moving between groups. Each group will be facilitated by fellow alumni. We hope this time of prayer is effective and edifying!

6:30-6:45 Keeping the Momentum: More Ways to Stay Connected

Current campus minister and Baptist Chaplain Devon Bartholomew will wrap up this portion of the reunion with a brief message. He’ll share about more opportunities for connecting, other ways you can keep growing alongside fellow alumni, and how you can develop a greater intimacy with the ongoing mission and vision of BCM at SU/ESF.

Access the Zoom link here.

8:00-9:30 Worship Night
Be transported back to Campus Church with a special worship night hosted by current BCM student members. Join us as we praise God with instruments and song, giving thanks for all the ways He has blessed our ministry throughout the decades.

Access the Zoom link here.

Sunday July 19
4:00-5:15 p.m. Campus Church: Weekly worship service led by BCM students

You’re invited to join Campus Church’s regularly scheduled Sunday gathering on Zoom. We’ve been meeting all summer studying the letters to the churches in Revelation. Each week, a student leader prepares the message, meets with the campus minister for coaching, and delivers the teaching for Campus Church. Following the 10-15 minutes of teaching time, we break into small groups for discussion. Join us this week for teaching from the letter to Laodicea, delivered by Will (‘23).

Access the Zoom link here.

5:15-6:15 “Back to the Future” Alumni social hosted by Past Campus Ministers

Stick around after Campus Church for our alumni social Zoom session. We’d love it if you wore your 80’s themed outfits for this event, so don’t be shy about wearing your aviators and crimped hair to church. The social will be hosted by past campus ministers including Mike McQuitty and others.


We hope to use some of the time to share specific BCM memories with one another. If you have a photo or object that you’d like to bring along, please do!

Access the Zoom link here.

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