​BCM Alumni Reunion

July 17-19, 2020

Celebrate and connect with your fellow BCM alumni from the SU/ESF campuses. During this special, digital-only reunion, catch up with your old classmates, discover how our ministry continues to serve students today, and learn how you can be a part of BCM's mission to empower students—and alumni—to be the church wherever you go.

A letter from Devon Bartholomew, Baptist Chaplain

To my fellow BCM at Syracuse University alumni,


While preparing to attend ESF as an undergrad, I thought campus ministries existed solely to sustain students who were already Christians. What BCM taught me as a college student turned my world upside down. I learned that college students are often the beginning of a movement that impacts thousands of people for Christ. I learned that discipleship means living life together. I learned that church is more than just a building, a time slot on Sunday mornings, or a leader. My college church met in lecture halls, dorms, on Ackerman, on Marshall St—and it sure met at crazy hours on any day of the week. I learned that young people aren’t just the future of the church, they are the church.


Since then, I’ve discovered that my fellow alumni are still my church, regardless of where we all moved after graduation. In light of this global church family, we are excited to host an alumni reunion for BCM at SU and ESF! We hope that as you log on to Zoom to reminisce about Syracuse, you’ll remember your roots as a student in collegiate church, reunite with old friends, and connect with the mission of BCM at SU, where we empower students to be the church wherever they go. Will you join us?

Devon Bartholomew

ESF '10

Baptist Chaplain at Syracuse University


Kate Bartholomew

SU '11

Campus Minister

Christian outreach
at Syracuse University
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